Why we need discounts and what they are

Almost any store and seller, including those who work over the Internet, do discounts. But not everyone understands why they do it. After all, in fact, that's how some of the profits are lost.


It's not all that simple. In today's world, discounts, sales and promo codes are effective marketing tools. Doing business without using them is very difficult. Practically impossible.


Why we need discounts


Discounts in trade have been around for a relatively short time. But now almost no one works without discounts.


You can go to any website selling goods or services, visit the social media pages of famous brands, and you will see there information about bonuses, promotions, sales and discounts. After all, now it is very easy to go to https://www.discountreactor.com/coupons/doordash.com and get an impressive discount on your order, as well as many other benefits and additional opportunities. Everyone is looking for a benefit. And the bigger it is, the more attractive the seller, online store or brand seems.


There are several main reasons for promotions, discounts and promo codes:


  • We need to sell leftovers of seasonal goods;

  • attract new customers at the expense of a good price;

  • Create a reputation for the store or brand;

  • to get customers to order something;

  • sell non-saleable goods or their leftovers.


And a good discount is considered by most shoppers to be at least 15-20%. Therefore, promo codes and discounts of 5-10% usually do not produce the desired marketing effect. 


What kind of discounts


All discounts that are distributed through promotions, sales and distribution of promo codes can be divided into 6 main types.


  • Seasonal. They are usually associated with the sale of summer and winter goods. They are arranged at the end of the season, when it is necessary to free the shelves from the winter goods, and gradually put them on the summer goods. And vice versa;

  • Holidays. Held on the eve of national or international holidays. For example, before Christmas, New Year and so on;

  • Affiliate. In this case, promo codes and coupons are distributed by partners of online stores. And with their help, customers can place an order at a discount;

  • Wholesale. There are certain minimum order quantity or volume requirements here. In this case a discount will be activated;

  • Contractual. Such discounts are given when the buyer meets certain conditions. For example, you need to register on the site of the online store, which will allow you to get a 10% discount. Or you need to leave a review, make a publication in social networks, noting the seller's account. And so on. There is also another option. Order one unit of the product, and for the second the same to get a discount of 50%. There are a lot of options for negotiated discounts;

  • Promotional. Discounts are given in connection with the release of a new product or the appearance of new types of services, for example.


All these discounts are a promotional tool for an online store. But at the expense of them, customers can get additional benefits and some advantages.